For Patient Referral

Clinical Referrals – Brigham & Women’s Cardiovascular Genetics Center

The clinical cardiovascular genetics team currently sees patients (and their family members) for a wide range of inheritable cardiovascular conditions including:

  • dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathies
  • cardiac arrhythmias (familial atrial fibrillation, Long QT Syndrome, Brugada Syndrome)
  • familial sudden cardiac death
  • inherited aortic aneurysms
  • Marfans/connective tissue disorders
  • premature vascular and coronary disease

Genetic testing and screening for patients and families members at risk for inheritable cardiovascular conditions are also offered as strong components of our cardiovascular clinical services.

If you would like to be seen as a clinical patient, please contact Barbara McDonough, RN by phone at (617) 432-1006 or by email at, or Irene Ediger at (617) 732-7317 for help with registration and clinical appointment scheduling at the Brigham and Womens Hospital (BWH) Shapiro Cardiovascular Center.

If you would prefer, you can independently register and schedule your appointment as follows:

If you have never been seen as a patient at BWH, you will need to call the BWH Patient Registration office – (866) 489-4056) – to register as a new patient and receive your hospital blue card/ BWH registration number. (Registration involves providing basic demographic and insurance information).

Once you have been registered as a BWH patient (or if you have previously been seen as a patient at BWH), you can call the cardiovascular clinic directly at (857) 307-4000 and ask to be seen as a new patient by one of the following Cardiovascular genetics team cardiologists:

Dr. Christine Seidman
Dr. Carolyn Ho
Dr. Calum MacRae
Dr. Neal Lakdawala